Intelligent Lighting & Control

C-Bus2 makes life easier

C-Bus2 makes it easy to control all kinds of electrical services within Buildings. From simple to sophisticated control, the advantages of C-Bus2 are many and the possibilities are endless.

For example, lights, security, air conditioning and even watering the lawn can be programmed to suit your requirements.
Best of all the modular design lets you start with a basic system and add new services to it whenever you want.
C-bus2 is often programmed with a computer but you can programme it manually too.

How C-Bus2 Works:
The C-Bus2 Network Bus is the systemís communications network. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Cat5 cable allows communication between units and provides the small amount of power needed to operate the circuitry that many C-Bus2 units have.

C-Bus2 relay units and dimmer units are the links between the mains power supply and the various switches and sensors used to control a building's electrical services. The C-Bus2 network is electrically isolated from the mains power and operates at a safe extra low voltage level (36V DC)

Easy to install:
During design and installation of the C-Bus2 system, each output and input unit is simply allocated a network connection. Then during, commissioning, the system is programmed so particular C-Bus2 commands trigger certain responses in one or more units on the network. Best of all C-Bus2 commands can be easily re-programmed, added or removed at any time.

Clipsal C-Bus2 systems
1. Can be added to whenever you like!
2. Has unlimited capabilities
3. Is reliable

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